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VMORE – Practice Management

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VMORE Virtual Practice Managers competently support healthcare professionals with the oversight required to operate a busy and successful practice. 

As healthcare delivery becomes increasingly more flexible, you are likely not in the same location every day.  You therefore need those who are trained to support you to provide efficient and accurate communication along with  organisation skills to ensure your day runs smoothly.

A team of industry specialists committed to your success.

A whole team, dedicated to your practice, without the cost, demands or responsibility of managing a team.

A virtual practice is much more than a ‘remote secretary’. VMORE manages the day to day operations of your private practice with the expertise of industry skilled secretaries and the oversight of highly experienced Practice Managers and Digital Health Advisers.  Our tried and tested, quality systems will give you the confidence that your practice is being professionally managed and your patients are receiving outstanding customer service.

Key benefits of VMORE Virtual Practice Management

Specialist experience

VMORE is your specialist resource across every aspect of a healthcare business.  Working with VMORE you will have access to a range of subject matter experts along with a knowledge bank gathered from over 25 years of industry experience to constantly improve and optimise your practice operations.

More for your money

Depending on your individual area of medicine or time already established, a full-service virtual practice set-up can cost less than $5,000.  With VMORE, you can access more infrastructure and resources normally only available to those part of a larger organisation.

Skilled Staff

VMORE will ensure that you will never be left without an experienced voice to answer your phone.  As we are the employer you have no HR obligations in terms of WorkCover, industrial relations compliance or performance management.

Focused on patient care

Having a centralised, seamless and efficient practice allows you to maintain your focus on providing patient care. VMORE are the specialists in practice processes to support the doctor – patient relationship.

Latest, secure technology

VMORE keeps you up to date with new to market technology applications and solutions. We have strong cyber-security polices and processes and are heavily focused on risk mitigation.

Grow with ease

Is your practice growing too fast?  We can help!