VMORE is a virtual practice management and administrative support service. We provide medical professionals with a team of highly skilled, managers and secretaries who focus on delivering care.

VMORE is proudly Australian owned and operated.  CEO and industry veteran, Deana Scott, founded the Virtual Medical Office ™  model in 2007.

It has now been 12 years since the virtual model of private practice was introduced and, it has now been accepted by industry and healthcare professionals across Australia as providing the mobility and flexibility a specialist virtual practice needs in today’s digital age.

VMORE continues to deliver innovative solutions to clients and is committed to ensuring services and solutions support practitioners in the prevention of burnout.

…just some of the benefits of working with VMORE

» Fast-track start-up to private practice

» Maintain independence but benefit from low ‘group style’ overheads  

»  A professional image from day one for your practice

»  Trained, competent practice managerssecretaries and bookkeepers

» Tailored support with a strong focus on risk minimisatio

»  VMORE is a registered BAS Agent

» Process and policies to support compliance with legislation

» Patient-focused service to support positive patient experiences

» High quality IT infrastructure and cyber-security provisions

» Secure log-in to manage clinical records with global, 24/7 access

» Digital Workflows to improve communication